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I love you both… sometimes at the same time, in 2 different windows… Sometimes though I like to go over to AoSHQ because they talk dirty to me, but sometimes I like to feel like a real Fascist and read LGF, I was even able to get a username and password. It feels so good to be soooo bad. But as far as CNN… Suck it, but thanks for the traffic. Feel free to look around my dojo and feel free to punch some faces and kick some a$$es while you’re here.

Because of comments like what is going to follow I am no longer allowing posts to just show up unapproved, I should have known better. Way to go dumb$$es. I have edited it to not say the bad words that burned my Ninja Ears.

Hey, pu$$y. If you love The Decider so much, if you’re such a big, tough guy, why don’t you enlist?

Get your pu$$y ass over to Iraq and show everyone what a tough guy you are.

Stop talking and start walking. You pu$$y, hypocrite.



Enlist for W.

Or admit that you’re a sniveling pu$$y.

3 Words Jay… ALL VOLUNTEER MILITARY… What way your MOS Jay?


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