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• (Video) Hitchen Supports The War Regardless Of Liberal Wussiness


Christopher Hitchens is one of the most polarizing figures in the media today. Like him or not he’s not afraid to get in there and do some kung-fu with the liberals who now want to get out of the fight simply because war is hell. For some reason it always seems like the left wants to see our soldiers with pillows jumping on the beds of our enemies whilst soft downy goose feathers float lazily through the air and girly giggles rain upon our Carebear/My Little Pony bedspreads. In fact war is bloody, war is hard, was is terrifying. This is why we have soldiers who are trained to do their jobs with guns, knives, grenades, heat seeking laser guided 2000 pound smart bombs and not pens. Most of the people our soldiers are taking on could not even pick up a pen let alone let logic drive their policy. This is a just war and is important to not only the future of the middle east but to our children who will inherit our problems.

Regardless Hitchens hits the nail on the head and is on the “Right” side of all of this. Hot Air has a great piece on it here and Bryan articulates it much better than I can.

I find Christopher Hitchens to be more than a little frustrating. One the one hand, he’s a ghoul to feast on the corpse of Mother Teresa and her faith crises, doubts that show a human side that we never saw when she was alive. In fact, Hitchens’ obits betray a ghoulishness that seems to permeate his character. And then there’s his continued misunderstanding of Vietnam and the lessons of failure there. It almost seems accidental that he’s on the right side of the war in Iraq. Perhaps if Saddam had articulated a more strongly Marxist reason to commit genocide against his own people and attack his neighbors, we’d find ourselves arguing against Hitch instead of cheering him on. Saddam’s, and by extension Osama’s, mistake was to zig Islamist when he should have zagged leftist. Fortunately in at least bin Laden’s case, he is or was too much of a true believer for that.But the fact is, Hitchens is on our side and he’s probably the war’s most articulate advocate, so we’re cheering him on. Today, Bill Hobbs sends us this clip of Hitchens saying, more or less, that just because the war is difficult is no reason to just give up.



  1. Bad says:

    I don’t think his commentary on Mother Theresa is ghoulish at all. People who say that are generally people that simply saw her image as a supposed saint, and bought into it, never to think more about the issue again.

    Hitchens has exposed that she was far more complicated and problematic than that. The most recent talk about her doubts is also a gasbag that needs some skeptical puncturing: they paint this as yet another untroubled narrative (oh, of COURSE, she’d be miserable for 40 years, isn’t that wonderous!) that never stops to ask any sensible questions.

  2. Ed says:

    I agree. For someone to not question their path, especially in regards to something as ethereal as religion, would be the direct opposite of human nature. I think what some people are thinking who have only read the headline or only heard the sound bites is that she was questioning her stance on the things which she fought for, which I find hard to believe and I don’t think he was eluding to in his comments.

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