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• Tony Snow Resigns (UPDATED 10/16/07)


For some reason this is the highest rated post I’ve ever done. There are a lot better, but this seems to appeal. Please let me know what you would like me to update on here, please leave in the comments. Unless of course you’re just looking for pictures of the hot and sexy Dana Perino… then steal away pervs.

Tony Snow the White House spokesman who was diagnosed with colon cancer has decided to resign as of September 14. He said he plans to give speeches and stay involved with politics.

“I’m going to try to turn cancer into a chronic disease rather than a fatal disease,” Snow added.

Dana Perino is expected to replace him. We all wish him the best and hope he beats the cancer. On a lighter note and no offense to Tony but…

… she is much better looking than you are.

UPDATE 9/05/07
Tony Snow’s New Job? Maybe if he wants it…

Syndicate Would Welcome Back Tony Snow If He Resumes a Column

NEW YORK Will Tony Snow resume writing a column for Creators Syndicate after leaving his post as White House press secretary?

“I hope he does,” replied Creators Syndicate President Rick Newcombe, while adding that he’ll wait until after Snow leaves the press secretary job before asking him if a column is in his plans.

Snow, who has been undergoing cancer treatments, is scheduled to relinquish the White House post on Sept. 14.

The former Fox News commentator had about 160 print and Web clients for his Creators column when he gave it up to become press secretary in the spring of 2006. Will being the spokesman for an unpopular president hurt Snow’s client level if he resumes his column, or will the high-profile White House job be a plus?

Newcombe thinks it will be the latter. “It always helps when a person becomes a household name,” said the Creators president, who was contacted today by E&P. Newcombe added that he feels Snow did a “terrific job” as press secretary.

He also noted that there’s precedent for Snow moving from press secretary to columnist. Newcombe, while serving as an executive at the old Los Angeles Times Syndicate in the early 1980s, was involved in distributing a column by former Carter-administration press secretary Jody Powell.

Prior to his tenure with the current President Bush, Snow wrote speeches for the first President Bush and worked for newspapers such as The Detroit News and The Washington Times.

From Extreme Mortman Via Hot Air
Top Ten Tony Snow Exchanges With Helen Thomas
September 14, 2007 at 4:04 pm

Today is Tony Snow’s last day as White House press secretary. There’s no way you can remember Snow’s service to this country without revisiting his edgy exchanges with Helen Thomas.

Here then are the Top Ten Tony Snow/Helen Thomas moments from his White House press briefings:


MR. SNOW: I’ll call on you next, Helen. Go ahead.
Q Does the White House and the President share that same gut feeling?
MR. SNOW: I don’t want to try to get into gastrointestinal descriptions.


Q Why did we send a B-52 carrying nuclear weapons from South Dakota to Louisiana, jeopardizing America?
MR. SNOW: My goodness, I don’t have an answer for that.


MR. SNOW: Helen, and then to Mark.
Q The President emphasized September and he emphasized General Petraeus’ report — all week you moved away from September. Is it a real important date for us to decide things?
MR. SNOW: I think what the President is saying is –
Q Does he know that we have civilian rule in this country?
MR. SNOW: Yes. Do you?
Q I do.


Q We are a conqueror. We should be asking the people, do they really want us there.
MR. SNOW: Helen.
Q Yes, sir.
MR. SNOW: Do you believe — well, no, you will scold me for asking a question, so I will not. I will phrase my question in the form of an answer.
Q You know, best defense is offense, is that your whole approach?
MR. SNOW: No, my –
Q I’m asking you a very –
MR. SNOW: No, my approach is to — well, you’re asking a simple question that actually has some fairly complex precedents in the terms of the advisability or possibility of a national –
Q You keep saying that they want us there –
MR. SNOW: Helen, Helen, Helen.
Q Put it to a test.
MR. SNOW: Helen, no war is popular. No war is popular.
Q That’s not the answer.
MR. SNOW: If you had done — no, it is — no, that is an absolutely accurate answer.
Q Nobody wants –
MR. SNOW: If you had asked in 1864 — I’ll go back to the Civil War — the referendum would have failed and Abraham Lincoln would have failed.
Q How do you know that?
MR. SNOW: Go back and read, just a little history will tell you.


Q Has the President factored in any of how many people will die?
MR. SNOW: Helen, you ask that question every day, and I don’t know how I can –
Q It’s a very valid question.
MR. SNOW: And it’s a question he thinks about every day.
Q And does he care about it? Does it matter how many die?
MR. SNOW: Yes, it does. Absolutely.
Q Well, you have a benchmark now — this fall has been so lethal.
MR. SNOW: And the people who have been killing will kill even more if we walk away. I would turn you to The New York Times op-ed page today, where a Marine Major talks about –
Q Written by a Marine.
MR. SNOW: I’m sorry, does that make it suspect that he’s on the ground trying to save lives?
Q No, that doesn’t. But, I mean, he has to take the military attitude.
MR. SNOW: Well, you might want to read it, because the military — the military attitude is, warriors don’t like to be engaged in war if you can have peace, and generals don’t like to send people into battle unless they have to. The people who are instigating the violence in Iraq are ones who are determined to kill.


Q We’re the invader. Do you realize that?
MR. SNOW: Helen, we’ve engaged in this conversation a few times. The Iraqi people have made it clear that they think that America’s involvement in unseating Saddam Hussein was historic and liberating. The real tragedy is that there are people who are willing to kill by the thousands to prevent Iraq from becoming free. And I would –Q How can they feel free when they’re under occupation?
MR. SNOW: I would warn against — I would warn against drawing moral equivalents between people who take IEDs and blow up civilians and Americans who are laying their lives on the line so that there can be a democracy in Iraq. As for our occupation, the United States would like to be able to leave as quickly as possible. The Iraqis would, too. But the Iraqis say, don’t leave until the job is done. We agree. It is important to win in Iraq as defined by a free democracy that sustains, governs, and defends itself.


Q What’s the U.S. role in all this?
MR. SNOW: Well, the U.S. role is one of working with Israel and, when possible, with the Palestinians to try to generate a peace — the same it’s always been, Helen –
Q Then why is it bankrupting the Palestinians?
MR. SNOW: The Palestinians are not being bankrupted, Helen. What’s happening, as you know, is that there is — Hamas is a terrorist organization. We do not give money to terrorist organizations. What has happened is that this government has tried in a number of ways to make humanitarian aid available to the Palestinian people. We draw a distinction between Hamas, which is –
Q And they were democratically elected.
MR. SNOW: They were democratically elected and they’re still a terrorist organization.
Q By your designation.
MR. SNOW: Yes. Thank you very much, Helen. They are, in fact, by the designation of this government, this administration, and prior administrations. So let me continue my answer.
Q Go ahead.
MR. SNOW: Thank you.
Q You’re welcome.
MR. SNOW: By the way, that’s a nice apple.


Q Well, how many people are dying every day?
MR. SNOW: It depends on what the — does it not depend on — well, let me put it this way, Helen, when people are dying because of car bombs it illustrates the difficulty of the situation and the nature of the people we are fighting.


Q Do you not understand the difference between private companies and governments, sir?
MR. SNOW: I understand. I do understand. But what I’m saying here is, what the public — I’ll tell you what, you ask the American public, do you want — do you think you have a right to know the specific means and methods by which –
Q That’s not –
MR. SNOW: Helen, will you stop heckling and let me conduct a press conference.
Q — argument.
MR. SNOW: Well, no, I’m making an argument, and you’re pestering the teacher.


Q The United States is not that helpless. It could have stopped the bombardment of Lebanon. We have that much control with the Israelis.
MR. SNOW: I don’t think so, Helen.Helen Thomas from NPR
Q We have gone for collective punishment against all of Lebanon and Palestine.
MR. SNOW: What’s interesting, Helen –
Q And this is what’s happening, and that’s the perception of the United States.
MR. SNOW: Well, thank you for the Hezbollah view.

Update 10/16/07

Tony Snow On The Daily Show

Tony Snow appeared on the Daily Show last night once again he proves to be the better man…

Video At Hot Air (I cannot link to this video on Comedy Central for personal reasons)



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  2. MODU says:

    My concern is, how much time does Tony actually have left?

  3. Ed says:

    Hopefully many.

  4. Bikealicious says:

    WOW. Hello, Ms. Perino. Beautiful–and smart–and beautiful–and smart–and…….

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