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• Murtha is going to be sued by Marines!


Despicable and disgusting John “Le Douche” Murtha will be sued for LIBEL by one or more of the Haditha Marines that were accused of massacring civilians. That is once he is exonerated just like the the other Marines who’s charges have been dropped. Initially eight Marines were accused in the slaying of 24 civilians in the Iraqi town of Haditha after a roadside bomb killed a Marine. Four enlisted men were charged with the killings and four officers with dereliction of duty for not ordering a war crimes investigation. In particular Marine Col. Jeffrey Chessan.

Brian Rooney, one of the attorneys at Michigan’s Thomas More Law Center representing Lt. Col. Jeffrey Chessani and a former Marine captain himself told NewsMax.com that his client, who is alleged to have failed to fully investigate the killing of 24 Iraqis in Haditha November, 2005 and not reporting an alleged Law of War violation, may follow the example of another Haditha Marine, SSgt. Frank Wuterich who is suing Murtha for libel.

In exonerating Lance Cpl. Justin Sharratt of all charges against him arising out of the incident in Haditha in November 2005 including murder, Lt. Gen. James Mattis praised the young Marine:

“You have served as a Marine infantryman in Iraq where our nation is fighting a shadowy enemy who hides among the innocent people, does not comply with any aspect of the law of war, and routinely targets and intentionally draws fire toward civilians,”

Lt. Gen. James Mattis also dismissed charges against Capt. Randy Stone in the Haditha case.

“I have thoroughly reviewed and considered all of the evidence surrounding the Haditha incident and Captain Stone’s conduct with respect to command reporting of and response to the incident,” Gen. Matttis wrote. “It is clear to me that any error of omission or commission by Captain Stone does not warrant action under the Uniform Code of Military Justice.”

It’s time for John “Le Douche” Murtha to step down and then be sued for LIBEL! Go here for all kinds of good stuff to do it. Boot Murtha Homepage.

For the story of the Marines getting ready to sue Murtha go here


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