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• Terrorist Day Parade?


I’m not sure what to think on this one… I know that everyone has the right to have a parade, even the Skinheads have that right so on that I see how it’s ok. But then again when they mention who the Marshall of the parade is then I start to get angry… So you decide, should I be ok with this?



  1. Oh my goodness,
    I love Siraj Wahhaj!!! I would take a bullet for that man. There is NO way he would ever be involved in an act of terror. ughhh.
    He is respected by all Muslims.
    Muzaamil Siddiqui!! He’s my good friend’s uncle!! ahh

    Imam Shamsi Ali should have said that those allegations are ridiculous. Those people are NOT terrorists.
    I’m afraid for my security in this country. If there are terrorists in this country, the FBI is targeting all the wrong people. I know some people personally that were suspected by the FBI and they were the farthest thing from terrorists EVER. lol
    I wish it was a laughing matter but it’s not. How incompetent are we?

    I wish I was on that show. I would have been like I love Imam Siraj Wahhaj and I love Dr. Muzaamil Siddiqui and I know those allegations are BS.

    I pray for the security of my country if these are the people they are targeting, like sincerely, especially since I live here.


  2. Ed says:

    Ooookay… like… first no one is saying that he personally is a terrorist. What they are saying is that the people who they are having represent Muslims are. Why would Muslims at this time and place choose anyone who could possibly have anything to do with terrorism represent them in front of America at a parade through downtown New York? Being a white man I wouldn’t have David Duke come speak at a lecture I’m giving on “How to be an American” just because he is a good orator! Second, we wouldn’t think they were terrorsist if they didn’t… like… support terrorist organizations and like… terrorist ideals. Please don’t worry about your security in our country, it really is the best place on Earth for any race, color or creed. Thank you for your input, but I’m still torn.

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