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WE HATE GEORGE BUSH! but we hate congress more…


Losing 9 points since July making their approval rating 18% has done nothing to help the Liberal Congress open their eyes to their left wing, I Hate George Bush Policy err in their ways. Since poliing started in 1974 it’s the lowest evah…


Whereare all of the things we you were promised? In the garbage where their earmark driven ploicy has put it. With scumbags like Murtha giving millions to Sherwin-Williams Paint Company to develop what they described as a “paint shield to protect against microbial attacks.” (See here for details) , and the Old Hag Pelosi running off to Syria to undermine our President it’s no wonder they have a disapproval rating of 76%. The times they are a changing and 35 years ago when Hillary, Murtha, Gore and their other hippie friends were sitting around hitting their hookah and talking about, “Someday we’ll be in charge man and we’ll change things”, they never expected their views to be regarded they way they are, worthless and pointless and tired and worn out and nothing more than a grasp at the reins of power.

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